Wax Denim Belt + Harness

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Wax Denim Belt + Harness
Wax Denim Belt + Harness
This item is made to order , allow 14 business days before shipping dispatch information , to ensure the highest quality of the product and due to it's handmade nature . 
Sizing on belts: S-102cm length
                         M-112cm length
                         L-122cm length
                        XL-132cm length
Sizing on Leg Harness: S-28/29 waist
                                      M- 30/31 waist
                                      L- 32/33 waist
                                     XL- 34/36 waist
*keep in mind that the belt and leg harness has a "one size fits all" fit, everything we create has it's own character for every customer*
Product Information
  • 3cm width 
  • Adjustable length 
  • Trident Buckle fastening
  • Three 30mm detachable rings via hook +one 30mm detachable ring attached on front of the belt 
  • Leg Harness comes with two 30mm detachable rings via hook and a trident buckle 
  • Model is wearing size M-112cm length 
  • Composition: 98%Cotton 2%Stretch